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Phoenix Commercial Turf

Commercial Artificial Turf

Landscaping is the number one drain on potable water in Phoenix. Property owners use thousands of gallons of water a year on their lawns. In such an arid state, it’s natural for people to want some greenery to brighten their yards, but for the environmentally conscious, the amount of water needed to maintain a grass lawn is alarming.

Luckily, plenty of commercial artificial turf options are available on the market. These products are low-maintenance, and since they don’t require the regular upkeep of traditional lawns, they save money in the long run.

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People want their artificial turf to look like real grass, not plastic. These days, many products come with features that heighten their realism. Everglade Fescue, for example, uses field and olive green artificial grass blades with a brown thatch layer for a realistic look. With UV stabilization formulated into each turf blade, your commercial artificial grass will resist fading and stay green throughout the years.

The best types of artificial grass don’t just look like real grass — they also act like the real thing. Perforated backing allows water to run through, just like how it runs through natural grass.

Triple reinforcement on blades securely attaches them to the backing. This prevents the turf from developing “bald spots” and allows users to enjoy the new lawn area for years to come — whether it’s at a playground, shopping center, or apartment complex.

Environmental Benefits

Artificial lawns are the epitome of drought-friendly because they never require watering. Once you’ve installed Everglade Spring or a similar turf, you won’t have to worry about your water bill. 

Some people argue that artificial grass does require water, because certain types of commercial artificial grass heat up in the sun — forcing property managers to spray the turf with water. TigerTurf products, however, include heat-reflective color pigments that reduce the surface temperature by as much as 10 degrees. This keeps the turf at a comfortable temperature.

Another benefit is that artificial grass never requires mowing or pesticides. This means no carbon emissions from lawn mowers and no chemical runoff. Owners of artificial lawns can enjoy all the benefits of real grass without the environmental costs.

Outdoor Activities

Unlike real grass, commercial artificial turf never gets muddy in the rain.‌ Some products, like TigerTurf Multiplay Sport, are specifically designed for outdoor activities. The polyurethane-coated backing is resistant to tearing. It can handle everything from soccer games with friends to backyard golf to kids running loose.

This turf is resistant to damage from heat and frost, so you can play on it regardless of the weather. The synthetic tuft bind technology is extremely durable.

There’s a growing market in artificial grass for commercial applications, but not all brands come with the 10-year warranty and environmental benefits of TigerTurf. To cut carbon emissions, this turf is manufactured here in the United States, so nothing has to be shipped from overseas. 

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Commercial Artificial Grass Products

Everglade Fescue

Incorporating shades of both field and olive green with a brown thatch layer, Everglade Fescue is one of the most popular and versatile artificial grass styles. This synthetic turf is equipped with UV technology to eliminate fading, no matter how intense the sun. Its durability is also unmatched, as all grass blades are bound into the backing with innovative tuft bind technology and are triple-reinforced to provide maximum resistance to pulling. ‌ On top of its endurance, Everglade Fescue’s perforated backing provides the low-maintenance upkeep that’s perfect for active families — especially those with pets.

Everglade Spring

Want that lush springtime look year-round? Look no further than Everglade Spring.

Blending field and lime green shades into a brown thatch layer, Everglade Spring gives lawns a vibrant green cheer that perfectly matches the sunniest spring days. Armed with the same UV protection and durable perforated backing as the Fescue turf, Everglade Spring delivers the lush look of new life without compromising durability or ease.

Multiplay Sport

Is your backyard a place for games and gatherings? Play ball with Multiplay Sport!

Between the polyurethane backing and superior seam strength and durability, this synthetic turf was specifically designed with resilience in mind. Whether it’s football, soccer, rugby, or golf — or just some very active family members who love to tromp through the yard — the triple-reinforced grass blades give exceptionally strong pull-force resistance, so it can stand up to all that your athletes can throw at it.

With the same field and olive green blend as Everglade Fescue, Multiplay Sport doesn’t sacrifice that lush lawn look for the toughness you need.

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