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Artificial Grass for Dogs

Everyone wants a beautiful yard. A rich, lush lawn makes your home look good and provides a green oasis in the dusty desert, a place for the kids to play and the dogs to romp. But real grass can be a real headache — it needs constant upkeep. Mowing, trimming, watering and fertilizing. And the dogs love to dig holes. If only you could have a green lawn that makes everyone happy without the work…

Quality Turf is here to make that dream come true. We are proud to be an installer of TigerTurf, a top-quality artificial grass for dogs. This isn’t just a swatch of fake grass for dogs to do their duty on. TigerTurf looks like the real thing and is an actual fake grass system designed specifically for pets.

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What Is Pet Turf?

There are different kinds of artificial grass. Most come in a variety of colors and textures and have designated backings and paddings for different applications. Artificial grass for pet areas is designed specifically to accommodate you and your pet’s needs.

Our artificial turf for pets features:

Urine-neutralizing backing. The biggest concern for Pet Turf owners is the potential for the smell of urine to get trapped in the materials. Our system uses an antibacterial fill and a perforated drain core that allows liquid to pass through the layers of turf into the soil.

Toxin-free materials. The materials are free of chemicals, metals, or other irritants that could harm your pets or family members.

Durable construction and installation. The turf-over-gravel design means easy drainage and tough construction to handle even the most determined dog. No extra padding is needed — the turf material is designed for maximum durability.

Pet-friendly feeling. Pet Turf has blades with a W or V shape — easy to clean and comfortable on dogs’ paws. Heat-reflective color pigments and advanced U.V. inhibitors keep the turf 15% cooler than other brands.




Is Pet Turf Right for My Pet?

Besides the benefits of not having to worry about burnt areas on your lawn or your dog digging holes, there are some clear advantages to having artificial grass for dogs instead of natural landscaping:

No mud. Since there’s no dirt, there won’t be any muddy paws or dirty noses in the house.

No bugs or fleas. Fake grass for dogs means no grass for biting pests. That means no fleas, ticks, or mosquitoes in the yard.

Environmentally friendly. Pets love to romp on the grass, but upkeeping your lawn means you use a lot of water. With lake and river levels dropping dramatically over recent years, we should try to conserve as much water as possible in the desert. Fake grass for dogs gives them the playground they want and keeps the water where it belongs.

Local Tempe Pet Turf Installers

Our professional in-house installers will be glad to put a pet-friendly yard wherever you desire. Whether your yard has to stand up to a half-dozen happy golden retrievers or one waddling pug, we can guarantee the yard will fit your pet’s needs.

  • Envirofill™ non-rubber infill is safe and environmentally sound. We use extra infill (2.5 to 3 lbs per square foot) to ensure the turf’s durability and prevent early matting.
  • Nailing at the seams keeps the sections from separating as easily as they can with standard taping.
  • Our 10-year warranty means you don’t have to worry about future problems with the product or installation.
  • A free bottle of cleaner is included for all Pet Turf customers!

Except for an occasional blowing to remove any leaves, and of course having to pick up the doggy droppings, major lawn maintenance duties will be a thing of the past. You and your pet will never know the difference between a real lawn and a well-laid TigerTurf artificial lawn. Your pet’s yard will look just as good as the front lawn, without any brown spots or holes. 

Contact Quality Turf AZ today for an estimate or to learn more about our options for artificial grass for dogs and people.

Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass Products

TigerTurf Pet Turf

10 out of 10 of your furry friends agree! TigerTurf Pet Turf is the perfect landscape solution for pets across North America! No more muddy paws, insects, brown patches or digging holes! Pet Turf features beautiful field and lime green grass blade color tones in addition to a brown thatch layer.

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Our Quality Customers!

We love our new grassy yard! The crew at Quality Turf did an AMAZING job. It feels so good to look outside and see green instead of our previous dirt patch. Thanks so much for making our yard livable!

Nikole T.

We hired Quality Turf based on a recommendation from a friend. We were really impressed by the level of service they provided. They communicated well and did an outstanding job all the way around. 

Cleveland M.

Thank you QT! I have 3 Pomeranians. I wanted to provide them with an area that was easy on their paws. I also preferred turf due to the fact that the pups would get wet after watering the lawn. 

Melissa P.

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