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Glendale Residential Turf Installation


Our installation and construction methods go above industry standard to achieve a better quality product than the competitors:

  • Quality Turf uses 2.5 – 3lbs of infill per sq. ft. compared to the 1-1.5lb of the competitors. The extra infill we provide ensures a longer lasting product that won’t matte down quickly.

  • We nail down our seams at every inch. Most installers use tape to secure the seams which is not as durable.

  • Lawn fabric, which is used to block out weeds, comes standard on all non-pet turf products.

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Residential Artificial Grass

Who doesn’t love the fresh look of a well-groomed lawn? That vibrant green gives a colorful boost to any landscape and can make the curb appeal of your home stand out among the rest.

‌But a clean-cut lawn doesn’t always come easy. Between the time and effort it takes to maintain your yard, it may not always be feasible to get the pristine look you want — if Mother Nature allows it at all. The arid temperatures and desert sand under the southwest sun don’t lend themselves to the meadowy grass we’ve all come to love — and that’s where residential artificial grass comes in.

Delivering that fresh-cut look without all the trouble, artificial turf is both low-maintenance and resilient, gentle yet tough. Our turf’s innovative technology has reached new heights to provide the natural look and feel of conventional grass, along with a rugged, durable backing to keep your turf looking like new for years to come. The grass will always be greener on this side of the fence.




With so many things demanding your attention, you may find the idea of investing in artificial grass to be a waste of valuable green. But take another look at everything synthetic grass has to offer:

Feasibility. Even if you’re an avid lawn lover, climate conditions may make a naturally lush yard impossible in the scorching heat of the Arizona desert where greenery is at such a premium — other than cacti, of course. If you want that fresh lawn look, artificial grass may be the only way to get it.

Low-maintenance. If you insist on getting a natural lawn in a desert environment, you could have your yard sodded instead — but this can come with complications. Natural grass can be destroyed by foot traffic or lawn objects, and furry friends are sure to leave their mark. Artificial grass is tougher than natural sod and requires less maintenance.

Luxury. As a homeowner, your house is your sanctuary and should be a place of rest. If having a lush lawn would bring some added cheer into your life, why not give your property the luxurious look you’ve always wanted? Installing artificial grass is an excellent way to distinguish your home from those around you.

Add to that vibrant appearance the soft, natural feel that so perfectly lends itself to outdoor fun, and the better question to ask about installing artificial grass is: Why wouldn’t you?

With so many upsides to artificial turf, all that remains is to pick the look and feel that’s right for you. All the products we install are manufactured by TigerTurf, the industry leader in artificial grass, and are all American-made. Here are a few of the most popular options.

Residential Artificial Grass Products

Everglade Fescue

Incorporating shades of both field and olive green with a brown thatch layer, Everglade Fescue is one of the most popular and versatile artificial grass styles. This synthetic turf is equipped with UV technology to eliminate fading, no matter how intense the sun. Its durability is also unmatched, as all grass blades are bound into the backing with innovative tuft bind technology and are triple-reinforced to provide maximum resistance to pulling. ‌ On top of its endurance, Everglade Fescue’s perforated backing provides the low-maintenance upkeep that’s perfect for active families — especially those with pets.

Everglade Spring

Want that lush springtime look year-round? Look no further than Everglade Spring.

Blending field and lime green shades into a brown thatch layer, Everglade Spring gives lawns a vibrant green cheer that perfectly matches the sunniest spring days. Armed with the same UV protection and durable perforated backing as the Fescue turf, Everglade Spring delivers the lush look of new life without compromising durability or ease.

Multiplay Sport

Is your backyard a place for games and gatherings? Play ball with Multiplay Sport!

Between the polyurethane backing and superior seam strength and durability, this synthetic turf was specifically designed with resilience in mind. Whether it’s football, soccer, rugby, or golf — or just some very active family members who love to tromp through the yard — the triple-reinforced grass blades give exceptionally strong pull-force resistance, so it can stand up to all that your athletes can throw at it.

With the same field and olive green blend as Everglade Fescue, Multiplay Sport doesn’t sacrifice that lush lawn look for the toughness you need.

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We love our new grassy yard! The crew at Quality Turf did an AMAZING job. It feels so good to look outside and see green instead of our previous dirt patch. Thanks so much for making our yard livable!

Nikole T.

We hired Quality Turf based on a recommendation from a friend. We were really impressed by the level of service they provided. They communicated well and did an outstanding job all the way around. 

Cleveland M.

Thank you QT! I have 3 Pomeranians. I wanted to provide them with an area that was easy on their paws. I also preferred turf due to the fact that the pups would get wet after watering the lawn. 

Melissa P.

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